Some reflections from NERA in Copenhagen, 2017

Notes and reflections from NERA in Copenhagen, 2017

  • Overall, the quality of the paper presentations were very good.
  • The significance of the presentations fit the network very well.
  • The number of participants was lower compared to previous years.
  • The network meeting was unfortunately cancelled because of lack of participants. The location for the network meeting was very hard to find which might explain why no one actually turned up.

NERA 2018

NERA’s 46 th congress will be held at The University of Oslo, Norway

Dates: March 8-10, 2018

The conference will explore how boundaries between knowledge fields and actors are challenged and how new boundaries are constructed in educational sciences today.
Key questions to be addressed include:

  • How are boundaries transcended and (re)defined in the educational sciences?
  • How is the traditional organization of the educational sciences challenged in the wake of interdisciplinary research and user involvement?
  • What opportunities and challenges lie in disciplinary demarcations, when it comes to balancing productive exchange across boundaries?

Deadline for abstracts have been extended to: November 15th, 2017

Network 8: general information

The 45th congress of the Nordic educational research association (NERA) will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark on March 23-25, 2017.

The theme at the next congress will be Learning and education – material conditions and consequencesThe deadline to send your abstract proposal for workshop, symposium, poster or round-table discussion is November 1. The Gender and Education Network is happy to receive many proposals!

Some info of the earlier work of the network

2016: At the NERA conference in Helsinki, Finland (March 9-11). Our sessions, the paper sessions, the symposium session as well as the round table, were all very quite well attended.

2015: At the NERA conference in Gothenburg, Sweden (March 4-6). Our sessions, the paper sessions as well as the two symposium sessions, were very well attended.

2014: At the NERA conference in Lillehammer, Norway (March 5-7) there were interesting Gender and Education paper and round table sessions organised.

2012: Gender and Education Association Interim Conference was organised in April 11-13, in Gothenburg. For more information see the conference web page. Conference had some 110 participants and several interesting presentations. The NERA Gender and Education Network and its e-mail-list were advertised in the conference.

Other news: Long time NERA Gender and Education network activist and pioneer in the field, researcher Tuula Gordon, have been granted Gender and Education Life Time Achievement Award.

2011: At the 2011’s NERA conference (Jyväskylä 9.-12.3.2011) Gender and Education network organised a pre-conference “Nordic Challenges, Future Possibilities – Gender Awareness in Schools and Teacher Education” together with Finnish project “Gender Awareness in Teacher Education” (funded by the Ministry of Education 2008-2011). The conference was partly funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. There were 50 participants from all Nordic countries and elsewhere.  For more information check the NIKK conference web page.

Other news: Gender and Education network was also active within the American Educational Research Association conference in New Orleans (April 8-12). There was organised a research symposium. For more information see this news article. Our network is also working together with Gender and Education Association.